Government Urges Public To Be Vigilant19th February 2019, Nairobi, Kenya

It has come to the attention of the State Department for Housing and Urban Development (SDHUD) that there are people who are going around the country asking Kenyans to start making payments towards owning affordable homes and to pay to be registered on the Affordable Housing platform,

We wish to inform Kenyans that no payments are required at this stage and they therefore should not send money to anyone be it for registration or as contribution towards home ownership.

“We wish to let Kenyans know that contributions will only be made directly through the Housing Fund and not through any office or any individual. At the moment, the Housing Fund is not yet receiving contributions from potential homeowners. The State Department will make an official announcement for Kenyans to start making contributions through the media and other channels”, Principal Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Charles Hinga Mwaura.

“At the same time, kindly note that registration for the Affordable Housing Program is absolutely free and no registration fees will be required at any stage. The only requirement will be that you are a Kenyan national aged 18 and above. The registration can either be done through the bomayangu platform where they will be prompted to key in their personal details or through any Huduma Centres across the country,” the PS further explained.

The PS said through the bomayangu platform, individuals will be able to make payments through their mobile money or bank transfers and will also be able to monitor the accumulation of their savings through the web-platform. SDHUD is appealing to Kenyans to report the scammers, who are said to be using content from bomayangu to XXXX (number or email address) or to the nearest authorities.

Currently, about 5,000 Kenyans have registered on the platform which is a testament to the interest and the desire thatKenyans have to own quality and decent homes.

The journey towards owning an affordable house starts with registering either through or at any Huduma Centre

Step by Step Process:
  1. Registration

  2. Pre-qualification

  3. Contributions Assessment

  4. Qualification

  5. Allocation

  6. Move in